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aromaGem in black

ultrasonic nebulizer

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aromaGem in black

ultrasonic nebulizer

+Free Shipping(orders $75+)
Ships in 2-3 days.
Add a splash of chic to any home with this ultra stylish and fun unit.
Key features & Benefits +
Reduce dust and other common allergens while creating a pleasing atmosphere of aromatherapy. Bring the healing power of essential oils into any room of your home or office. Featuring a new glass design, the AromaGem ultrasonic nebulizer is an easy-to-use, heat-free essential oil diffuser that preserves the integrity of your oils for optimal benefit. Also an air purifier and humidifier, the AromaGem includes both a continuous mist and intermittent mist running cycle. Silent and safe to use while resting or sleeping. Each nebulizer has a sensor inside and when the water in the reservoir reaches a certain level, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

90ml water tank
2 hours continuous running time
4 hours intermittent running time
Dimensions: 105mm x 105mm x175mm
How to Use +
Bring water to unit and fill to line. Add 10-25 drops of your favourite Saje Diffuser Blend to the water and check the instruction manual for direction on settings. For more information, consult your instruction manual.
See 12 reviews
Genevieve Bowman | Posted : 02/09/16
I love this product and what it does, but it is top heavy and unstable and falls over very easy. I accidentally bumped mine and it is now br...
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kristine | Posted : 12/14/15
Loved this! Unfortunately it stopped working after a month of having it :(

Jennifer | Posted : 08/25/15
Bought this a while back for my yoga studio and found from the beginning it was very hard to open. After using it for several months it is c...
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Heather | Posted : 08/10/15
We walked into this store for the first time last week and bought this product. We really love it! It is a good size for a bedroom. We will ...
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Danielle | Posted : 03/16/15
I bought this Nebulizer about 2 months ago and I cannot believe how incredible it is! I use this one in my room and it can be smelled all th...
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Crystal Kalin-Wonitoy | Posted : 03/13/15
this nebulizer is beautiful and tiny, perfect for a bedroom! Unfortunately, it is very top-heavy with the glass top, and is easy to tip with...
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Diana | Posted : 03/05/15
I am in love with this nebulizer! I have one that I keep in the living room and it makes the whole house smell lovely. recently I was fighti...
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Mary Ann Uy | Posted : 03/04/15
Was given this as a birthday gift from my son, and was thrilled. Worked for a week, then quit. The fan wasn't working. Returned it to the st...
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Monica | Posted : 02/16/15
Bought this for $25 as part of an in-store promotion and I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it. I really wanted to love it. It looks good ...
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JESSICA FAHY | Posted : 02/06/15
These aromagems look great. I ordered online and was surprised when it arrived that it was actually made of glass. They are pretty small so ...
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Alexandra | Posted : 12/30/14
Did not work correctly. It would not shut off automatically. It would run for 12 hours and still the tank would be full! I got a nice, fast ...
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Jessica | Posted : 12/16/14
Although my aroma gem is aesthetically pleasing I am unable to get much diffusing from it, unless I'm sitting directly beside the aroma gem ...
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