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peppermint halo

headache remedy

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peppermint halo

headache remedy

+Free Shipping(orders $75+)
Ships in 2-3 days.
A proven and effective remedy known as the "four minute miracle" for headache and migraine sufferers. The warming and cooling action works to reduce pain and pounding, while the sedative qualities relieve tension and balance the nerves. Our top seller!
Key features & Benefits +
Headaches are often the body's way of communicating that something is out of balance - for example, hormones, or dehydration, or stress and tension. As important as it is to address the underlying issues, sometimes we also just need immediate relief. Peppermint Halo is your knight in shining armour! It's a powerful therapuetic essential oil combination of nurturing Peppermint, camphorous Eucalyptus and soothing Lavender to help relieve headache pain. A must-have remedy for the home, office, and even the pocket or purse. Comes in an easy to apply roll-on format.
How to Use +
Recommended use, dose & duration of use: used topically in aromatherapy to help relieve headaches. Adults: add 20 drops to 10 ml of carrier oil for local application. For prolonged use, consult a health care practitioner.
Ingredients +

medicinal ingredients: mentha piperita (peppermint), eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus), melaleuca cajuputi (cajeput), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), vetiveria zizanioides (vetiver).

See 48 reviews
Brittany | Posted : 05/27/16
Amazing product - This was one of the first purchased I made from SAJE - I suffer from severe migraines. I was having to go to the hospital ...
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Michelle | Posted : 05/13/16
This product continues to amaze me. I frequently get tension headaches, and this product nips it quickly. I haven't taken a single pill for ...
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Seema | Posted : 05/10/16
This product works wonders. I will be purchasing the refill as I'm half way done with the roll on. I use it for menstrual cramps in conjunct...
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Katlynn Smith | Posted : 03/29/16
I get daily tension headaches for which I was taking the full allowed dose of Tylenol # 1 (8mg of codein) a couple times a day. That was unt...
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Becca | Posted : 03/29/16
I was introduced to this product at an event and immediately went out and bought my own. Give it four minutes to kick in and it actually wor...
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Erica | Posted : 03/22/16
I've been dealing with migraines and headaches caused by a head and neck injury. Peppermint Halo is the only thing I've found that takes the...
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linda | Posted : 03/21/16
my face got an allergy when i used it. I am not sure which ingredients has reaction. I felt the burn sensation and still not healing. I was ...
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Vanessa | Posted : 02/29/16
I use this product when I have tension headaches (usually in my neck and up into the back of my head) and just apply it along my neck and in...
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Jaynie | Posted : 02/29/16
I have a mixed effect with this product. Sometimes it works, sometimes it gives me more pain.. personally i think the peppermint wand is better than this one.

Arthur | Posted : 02/04/16
Hi guys. I was excited when I found this product. I waited few days until I feel my headache. As soon as it started I applied it. I usually ...
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Ava | Posted : 01/21/16
Peppermint halo is amazing. It clears my migraines and headaches up better and faster than anything else I've tried. I carry it everywhere I go.

kuvy gill | Posted : 01/12/16
I absolutely love love love this. Probably one of my top 3 Saje products. I hold a lot of tension in my neck. This stuff works quickly. It's awesome.

| Posted : 01/11/16
I was skeptical, but it worked almost right away! I'm a covert now and can't wait to try other products!

Michelle jensen | Posted : 12/31/15
I have a vial at work, in my purse, in another purse, in my car, by my bed, by my computer... when I have a headache, ache or pain, feeling ...
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Donna jean | Posted : 12/31/15
Pocket Pharmacy The BEST

Mandy | Posted : 12/14/15
Everytime I put this stuff on I feel instant relief. This is an amazing product. I love to put it on before bed if my neck and jaw are all t...
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theresa samarita | Posted : 12/09/15
I love peppermint halo. Freshens me up in the morning when I have some brain fog. Long busy days at work? I roll on some halo and I'm refres...
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Dasha | Posted : 12/07/15
This product is absolutely fantastic. Got it spur of the moment on Black Friday for $11 and man, does it ever work. I get terrible tension h...
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Samantha | Posted : 11/15/15
Loved this. Had it for a few weeks and used it often. Not just for headaches but when I was super hot or needed some energy. Unfortunately I...
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Francesca | Posted : 11/13/15
This product is amazing. It works wonders for head and neck pain. Definitely recommended!

Michelle | Posted : 11/01/15
Wow. This stuff really works., i won't be without it now

Lee Anne Churchill | Posted : 09/30/15
Always the skeptic but this stuff really works! What I don't understand is why it's sold in a 'convenient roll-on' but suggests you use a ca...
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KAREN MacKinnon | Posted : 09/24/15
I went to the seminar last night at South Centre - I had a set item in mind to purchase last night (another neubilizer) but during the semin...
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Steph | Posted : 09/21/15
My migraines are too intense for this to work alone, but it does help tremendously. The smell is soothing and the cold lessens some of the p...
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S | Posted : 09/08/15
I love this product!! I use it for headaches and also to treat my fibromyalgia pain

Nadia Ramkarran | Posted : 08/24/15
I suffered quite often from headaches, so when I dropped in the store one day and saw it I thought it was worth a try. Amazing product it wo...
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Victoria | Posted : 08/19/15
I had a headache when walking into the store, looking for the "magic" product I saw on the Sage website. I rolled it on around my hairline a...
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Camille | Posted : 08/13/15
I first tried this in the Saje store itself, a seller put a good amount on my shoulders and neck. And damn it was nice (I think it was a tin...
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Julia | Posted : 08/07/15
I absolutely love this product! It's smell is incredibly soothing and it takes only a few minutes to provide relief to aching muscles associ...
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Chelsea | Posted : 08/06/15
This product not only helps headaches but I strongly feel that the peppermint reduces a lot of my stress. You roll it on the back of your ea...
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Lisa | Posted : 07/30/15
I love it. My fiancé started using it and he is a total skeptic of everything, now he is a regular user and swears by the halo. Our w...
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Myrna | Posted : 07/24/15
My family loves all of your products, but especially the peppermint halo and pocket pharmacy! We can't go anywhere without them, they are mo...
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Krista Loewen | Posted : 07/02/15
Total lifesaver! I don't know how I would've survived finals without this in my life. It gets rid of most headaches within a few minutes, an...
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Catherine | Posted : 06/03/15
My husband and I enjoy this everyday, with a headache or just relaxes our shoulders and the peppermint scent is a magic.Thank you Sam...
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laura | Posted : 05/29/15
I have been getting migraines for over a decade now that out me completely out of commission. Tried every medication in the book for migrain...
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Kat | Posted : 05/06/15
After reading other reviews about peppermint halo I decided to give it a try. I get severe tension headaches from a neck injury that I would...
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Fiona German | Posted : 05/01/15
I cannot praise this enough... I get splitting tension headaches on a regular basis for as long as I can remember. It's to the point that no...
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Jessica | Posted : 03/30/15
Simply amazing. I often get headaches that I just can't shake and always end up resorting to some form of ibuprofen. I was skeptical at firs...
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nola bowering | Posted : 02/23/15
I recommend this product to everyone I chat with. I used to be an ADVIL junkie, and I have been off advil for 3 months. Peppermint Halo has ...
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Amanda | Posted : 01/30/15
I study for long hours and tend to hunch over textbooks and my computer. I would experience a lot of tension in my shoulders and up the back...
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Bri Ryer | Posted : 12/05/14
I live in Alberta and I get a horrible migraine that can last for days every time we get a Chinook or the weather changes drastically. I wen...
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Adrianna | Posted : 12/04/14
LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE THIS!! I have been suffering from Migraines all my life, and nothing helps relieve them once I get them. Walked into Saje...
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Erefei | Posted : 11/05/14
This is the best thing I have in my purse!! I bring it with me everyday. Everyone I know who gets to try my roll-on gets hooked. This is ver...
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Lindsay | Posted : 10/30/14
If there is one product to convince anyone how great Saje is, this is it! Amazing for headaches. I also use it for neck pain.

Natasha | Posted : 10/29/14
More often than not, this peppermint blend literally blurs my headache away. I usually get tension headaches, in one or both temples. Applyi...
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