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transition mist

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transition mist

+Free Shipping(orders $75+)
Ships in 2-3 days.
An all-natural body mist for a calming breath of euphoria, grounded in bliss.
Key features & Benefits +
Essential oils of peaceful patchouli, earthy rosewood, citrusy bergamot, and uplifting neroli help evoke feelings of well-being. Spicy cardamom and musky cedarwood, floral champa and calming vetiver help set intentions of kindness. Use to gently clear the mind in preparation for your yoga practice, or at the end of your session to help your body absorb the benefits of your nourishing movements. Use anytime to find peace and feel grounded in the midst of a busy day.
How to Use +
mist face, neck and chest areas, breathing deeply with eyes closed.
Ingredients +

purified water; essential oils of orange, patchouli, rosewood, indian neroli, bergamot, cardamon, cedarwood, champa & vetiver.

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Emily | Posted : 03/16/16
Disappointed. My first introduction to this spray was through my sister and I loved it. So I went and purchased my own bottle two weeks ago ...
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Sara | Posted : 01/29/16
Yoga is my absolute favourite blend, and this mist is a must have in my home, office, and car. One spray and I immediately feel better. It i...
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MAG | Posted : 12/03/15
I love this scent! Actually intoxicating for me!

Jenn | Posted : 04/14/14
My fav!!! Hippy loving scent :)

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