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aromaOm in white

ultrasonic nebulizer

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aromaOm in white

ultrasonic nebulizer

+Free Shipping(orders $75+)
Ships in 2-3 days.
Infuse your surroundings with the vitality, health, and well-being of nature.
Key features & Benefits +
Reduce dust and other common allergens while creating a pleasing atmosphere of aromatherapy. Bring the healing power of essential oils into any room of your home or office. With an elegant ceramic design, the AromaOm ultrasonic nebulizer is an easy-to-use, heat-free essential oil diffuser that preserves the integrity of your oils for optimal benefit. Also an air purifier and humidifier, the AromaOm includes both a continuous and intermittent running cycle and comes equipped with soft LED illumination that can be turned on or off while misting. Silent and safe to use while resting or sleeping. Each nebulizer has a sensor inside and when the water in the reservoir reaches a certain level, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

100ml water tank
3-6 hours running time
Dimensions: 90mm(D) x 232mm(H)
How to Use +
Bring water to unit and fill to line. Add 10-25 drops of your favourite Saje Diffuser Blend to the water and check the instruction manual for direction on settings. For more information, consult your instruction manual.
See 12 reviews
| Posted : 05/13/16
I just received this for my birthday on Wednesday and as soon as I used it for the first time I knew it was an amazing nebulizer! It filled ...
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Ashley | Posted : 04/01/16
Absolutely love this! I love 11 floors above a pub and when they start frying stuff it smells AWFUL.. candles, air fresheners, incense did n...
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Latie | Posted : 02/22/16
I own three nebulizers and this one is my favourite! The design is smart, with a ceramic body. When the unit is not on, it looks like a deco...
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Sandy | Posted : 01/18/16
My kids bought me this for Christmas. We used it for a week within our home but mainly at night with the Immune diffuser as we were coming d...
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Kayla | Posted : 01/05/16
LOVE this!!! More amazing then I expected. I have it on all the time. You only need a few drops of oil for hours of smell. It smells right a...
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Jessica Caines | Posted : 08/17/15
This is one of the first things I tried from Saje. Really impressed by these nebulizers. The quality of the air really feels healthier and I...
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Kelli Mowat | Posted : 04/08/15
This is a great nebulizer for a small room. I have one in my bedroom and one in my room at work. Quiet, nice to look at and I like the soft ...
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Lisa | Posted : 03/09/15
Hands down the best on the market. I have tried 3 other types and since replaced all my nebulizers with this one. Many friends have tried it...
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Alexandra Wruck | Posted : 01/22/15
Absolutely loved it! But it died after 2 weeks. 2 weeks after my gem died. Apparently Saje nebulizers aren't that great, or I'm getting the ...
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kara | Posted : 04/14/14
Absolutely LOVE

Jeanette Cameron | Posted : 02/13/14
I am in love with this nebulizer! Perfect size and discreet design, mixes in with any decor. The safety features on it are smart design as w...
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