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Diffuser Blends

mountain high

invigorating diffuser blend

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mountain high

invigorating diffuser blend

+Free Shipping(orders $75+)
Ships in 2-3 days.
Transport yourself to the mountain tops, breathe easier, and feel energized.
Key features & Benefits +
Jump onto the hiking trail where the beneficial pungency of lofty pine, revitalizing energy of balsam fir, and the divine force of cedarwood fill your lungs and rejuvenate your soul with the spirit of nature. Energizing spearmint motivates you on your path, while cleansing sage and dreamy patchouli ensure your mind and body work together for an overall sense of well-being. 100% natural Mountain High diffuser blend promotes increased energy and healthy breathing.
How to Use +
Diffuse this invigorating blend to help promote increased energy! use pure in a nebulizer, or add 10-15 drops to water bowl of candle diffuser.
Ingredients +
essential oils of pine needle, balsam fir, sage, spearmint, cedarwood & patchouli.
See 11 reviews
Tina | Posted : 09/26/16
Diffusing Mountain High to relax after work, Perfect!!

Kim | Posted : 06/15/16
This scent is absolutely wonderful! I had a girlfriends weekend recently and everyone was talking about how amazing my house smelled! I had to share the secret.

Jennifer | Posted : 11/13/15
I love this blend! I am a huge fan of Rain Forest and to me, Mountain High smells very similar but with a touch of mint. I find it very rela...
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Hayley | Posted : 11/06/15
I'm an all around nature girl, who loves hiking and came into sage looking for a woodsy scent. Mountain high is IT, my nose is loving it and...
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Jen | Posted : 10/08/15
I agree with previous commenter: mint smells overwhelm on this one for me.

Megan | Posted : 08/17/15
I live across the street from a large forest and this one near perfectly replicates the fresh and rich smell of trees after a good soak in t...
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Sara | Posted : 04/23/15
Love this! Beautiful and surprisingly subtle, you only need a few drops to have your place completely refreshed!

kerry | Posted : 03/23/15
Smells like spearmint toothpaste.

Emma | Posted : 10/09/14
Love this scent, but be warned. I added the reeds to make it a room diffuser and in less than a week the bottle is completely empty! I am ho...
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Julie | Posted : 08/28/14
Smells just like the forest!

Lisa | Posted : 05/30/14
I can't get enough of this stuff! It makes my house smell so amazingly fresh and clean - and it makes ME feel so amazing and refreshed!

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