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aromaOm in black

ultrasonic nebulizer

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aromaOm in black

ultrasonic nebulizer

+Free Shipping(orders $75+)
Ships in 2-3 days.
Infuse your surroundings with the vitality, health, and well-being of nature.
Key features & Benefits +
Reduce dust and other common allergens while creating a pleasing atmosphere of aromatherapy. Bring the healing power of essential oils into any room of your home or office. With an elegant ceramic design, the AromaOm ultrasonic nebulizer is an easy-to-use, heat-free essential oil diffuser that preserves the integrity of your oils for optimal benefit. Also an air purifier and humidifier, the AromaOm includes both a continuous and intermittent running cycle, and comes equipped with soft LED illumination that can be turned on or off while misting. Silent and safe to use while resting or sleeping. Each nebulizer has a sensor inside and when the water in the reservoir reaches a certain level, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

100ml water tank
3-6 hours running time
Dimensions: 90mm(D) x 232mm(H)
How to Use +
Bring water to unit and fill to line. Add 10-25 drops of your favourite Saje Diffuser Blend to the water and check the instruction manual for direction on settings. For more information, consult your instruction manual.
See 25 reviews
Jae Rylee | Posted : 05/20/16
I absolutely love love LOVE this diffuser. I have 2 that I use daily. I make my own blends. My only suggestion: Perhaps a feature that preve...
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Danni | Posted : 05/20/16
Love the look of this and nice amount of mist output. I love my saje nebulizers!!! Yes I have more than one!

Seema | Posted : 05/10/16
I love the shape of this diffuser so much that my yoga students and friends have purchased the same one (in black) or the (white). Both are ...
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Ryan | Posted : 04/20/16
I LOVED SAJE...I honestly told everybody in my town how essential it was (no pun intended) it was to buy a nebulizer for their home! I was e...
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Miranda | Posted : 03/01/16
This works great if we don't fill it to the fill line. It looks nice, the scent of the essential oils fill the room and it is quiet. The lig...
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Vicki | Posted : 11/18/15
This nebulizer is crazy good! I've never had a heat-based diffuser works as quickly or as effectively as this one. The strength of the aroma...
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Vanessa Astarita | Posted : 10/28/15
Amazing product! I love how simple and modern the design is. It's very quiet, and the light at the bottom adds a very soothing ambience at n...
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Jen | Posted : 10/08/15
IT looks classy and understated but works reliably in a small room.

Jae Rylee | Posted : 09/16/15
I love this diffuser so much that I bought two. I have them both going in my house and they fill my whole house with beautiful natural scent...
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Angela Lamb | Posted : 06/17/15
I am so in love with the aromaOm for my Bedroom that I'm getting a second one for my Den and the Deluxe for the main living area of my Condo...
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Kat | Posted : 03/05/15
I have had this nebulizer since September 2014. Never had a mechanical issue with it. Great product - amazing for my allergies and purifying air.

Kelly Douglas | Posted : 01/16/15
Absolutely fabulous!!! Have bought these for family and friends. Makes a HUGE change in your life... The oils are amazing. My air is so fres...
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Marlaine Dupre | Posted : 01/12/15
I was having trouble sleeping so I bought one to try and havent looked back. I sleep now and find it so soothing. My only complaint would be...
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Chantal van der Molen | Posted : 11/22/14
Our first AromaOm, I loved. Used it for about 6 months, at which point it started to work intermittently. I traded it in for a new one, at w...
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Stephanie | Posted : 11/07/14
I was a little hesistant due to the price tag BUT I loved how modern and clean the lines of the aromaOm were. It fits in perfectly with the ...
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Emma | Posted : 09/03/14
This diffuser looks great with any decor. I use it in my kitchen/living area. It is powerful enough to fill a room and is silent. I am impre...
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Amy Sawchenko | Posted : 08/14/14
The AromaOm nebulizer is incredible! SO worth money!!! It's strong enough to purify the air (we live across from a big dusty field) and scen...
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| Posted : 07/14/14
This product works excellent as an air freshener and acts quickly to remove airborne odours. After catching a cold, I realized how well this...
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| Posted : 06/16/14
Wonderful products and the Customer service is excellent!

Murielle Maurice | Posted : 05/12/14
Finally caved and bought another diffuser for my bedroom. This model is my favorite of all the diffusers because it not only works fantastii...
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Lisa Knight | Posted : 04/15/14
I use this nebulizer almost every day! It's so stylish and yet so practical! I love how it makes my office smell and feel!

Murielle Maurice | Posted : 04/14/14
Recently purchased this for my home and I love it. I would like to purchase another of this model in this color but see that it is sold out....
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sandra | Posted : 04/14/14
LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It does my living room completely and now I want to get another one for my bedroom.

Olivia S | Posted : 02/21/14
I have two aromaOm's. One in the living room and one in the bedroom! I love that it purifies my air and helps me breath when I'm stuffed up ...
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